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Starting business is like building a skyscraper. Solid foundation is very fundamental. We will guide you through the entire process irrespective of the sector, types of business and jurisdiction.

We will advice you on the location, relevant objects of memorandum, regulatory requirement, promotion, share allotment, type of registration, choice of partners and stakeholders, how to fund the business and manage it successful.


With the team of our international and local partners, we drive pleasure in helping both our individual and corporate clients to undertake proper and forensics due diligence in an form of investmentt they wish to invest their hard earned money into in order to mitigate if not completely stop the risk of losing their resources.


Money is the blood of every business, subsequently, we advice every business whether start up or small –medium business enterprise (SME) to keep proper financial record of their transactions.

Here in Digital Age consultancy knowing fully the importance of this, advice and train our clients on professional way of doing this. Hence, we help our clients prepare all their monthly, quarterly and annual Financial statement and management report.


We belief in the long-term financing of infrastructure, industrial projects and public services based upon the cash flows of the project rather than the balance sheets of its sponsors. It’s a non-recourse or limited recourse financial structure, in which project debt and equity used to finance the project are paid back from the cash flow generated by the project. Project financing is a loan structure that relies primarily on the project’s cash flow for repayment, with the project’s assets, rights and interests held as secondary security or collateral.

In making sure that we bridge the industrial gap between potential investors (financiers across the globe) and legitimate project in Africa through our award winning business solution model. we prepares such potential clients through our one on one training on business, financial/investment advisory services, KYC through documents facilitation and introduction to prospective financiers. Digital Age Consultancy will additionally provides continuous interaction with the clients as regards operational and financial matters with the view to providing sustainable and enduring solutions that will promote growth and translate into measurable benefits.


Digital Age consultancy conducts an inclusive Market Research Analysis for our clients. Our both qualitative and quantitative market techniques research comprehensive information will help our clients to examine potential sales of a product or service in different countries of Africa.

We shall advice the clients on what products people want, who will buy them, and at what price, the profitability of such business in such region, information about your competitors, economic shifts, demographics, the current market trends and the spending traits of your customers, the risk associated with doing such business in such region, the regulatory frame work there.

We interpret the data gathered on our research work to the clients and finally make recommendations for the benefit of our highly esteemed clients.

Our teams work closely with the clients to make sure we satisfy the need of such clients using our qualitative and quantitative techniques.  We undertake market research work in over 30 African countries for both new and existing businesses. One of the advantages working with us is that we would practically go a step further to promote such product and service on your behalf, we will do everything within our means to provide strong fundamental and technical support to see your goal come to reality within stipulated time frame. 


We have a complete solution to all solid waste management challenges. CLEANUPNAIJA software is built by the DIGITAL AGE CONSULTANCY SERVICES LTD international IT partner with the purpose to find lasting solutions to all domestically and commercial related solid waste. It’s a holistic system built from the scratch to cover all aspect of day to day solid waste management needs of all Nigerians.
The system brings transparency, accountability, efficiency and trust in the waste management ecosystem. CLEANUPNAIJA proffers short term, medium term and long term solutions to several common challenges identified in the waste management industry, which has affected the efficiency of the industry over the years.
The program will uniquely help all waste management stakeholders through its well-planned process that involved the entire value supply chain management; from onboarding new users, management of waste collection, distribution of waste bin to registered users, payment, invoicing, customer care, collection of solid waste, monitoring and ensures all necessary compliance with occupational safety and other regulatory frame work are optimally adhered to.


Corporate  brand reputation building and management (CBRBM) refers to the influencing and controlling of an individual’s or group’s reputation through the promotion of a product and service using electronic and non electronic media. It focuses on the building and management of product and service of company through search results within the digital and analogue space. With the technology industry witnessing a big boom over the years, corporate brand reputation building and management (CBRBM) has increasingly become a strategic tool that can just not be done without. This kind of reputation building and management is also sometimes referred to as public relations (PR), digital marketing, search engine optimization, web marketing or online/internet marketing , radio, newspaper, television and can be used in various ways.

Digital Age Consultancy experienced team will undertake thorough journey into repackaging your brand to enable your organization realise its core fundamental dream in the competitive world. Some time your competitors or business opponents could take a drastic step further to fight your brand. We will always move ahead of such group leveraging on our international teams of experts to secured your brand and treat it as a precious egg.

  With extensive developments in the field of corporate brand building and  public relations, in connection with the growth of the internet and social media, along with the advent of reputation management concept, the overall out-look of search results has become an integral part of what defines “reputation” and subsequent to all these developments, reputation management now exists under two spheres: online and off-line reputation building and management.

AGE CAPITAL believes a lot of businesses in Africa with great concept have suffered several defeats due to the inability of the businesses owner and manager to incorporate automated CORPORATE BRAND REPUATION BUIDLING AND MANAGEMENT (CBRBM) into the business. This is exactly one of the solution we provide for such business. We belief that brand is everything you have as entrepreneur, how well you manage your brand will eventually determine in long run how successful you become in the global competitive business communality. Our corporate brand reputation building and management will cover everything you know and things you dont know about branding, both on traditional marketing/advertisement, telemarketing, online marketing, etc.


Capacity building is essential ingredient to enhancing productivity for every organization. We therefore encourage every business to spend quality time helping its staff members to acquire relevant knowledge and skill that will in return build the value of the same organization. Most organizational trainings ends up in transferring knowledge at cognitive level, here in Digital age consultancy, we don’t only transfer knowledge at cognitive level, but we connect your staff heads to their hearts so they can become more efficient in their daily job.

Here are major areas we provide training on:

  • Customer service
  • sales and marketing
  • Performance and productivity.
  • Digital marketing/Networking
  • How to manage your business finance. etc

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